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Ultimate Recovery Bag

I thought I was completely prepared for the birth of my son in 2008. I read every single book out there about pregnancy, my husband and I attended an intense 12 week birth class, the nursery was complete and I had my bag packed with everything I could possibly need during labor.

I was blindsided by what happened immediately after childbirth and 2+ weeks postpartum. I thought I would jump out of bed and be completely fine after Derek was born. I mean, everyone tells you the horror stories of childbirth, but nobody tells you what happens AFTER the birth of your child. The heavy bleeding for several weeks, vaginal pain and swelling, hemorrhoids, huge breasts that leak everywhere, the lack of time and energy to prepare any kind of healthy food…

The last thing I expected was to send my husband out in the middle of the night to get essential supplies I never even thought of. I would have much rather had him at home to help me through the recovery period and bond as a family.

About a year later an idea struck me: I should create a bag with all of the essentials a woman needs after childbirth! Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner? This is the perfect thing to make the lives of new mothers much easier. One less thing to think about, right?

So, here it is…all in one place! Everything you need for the first few weeks postpartum:

  • Nursing pads
  • Chlorine free overnight maxi pads
  • Disposable underpads for your bed/couch
  • Directions and supplies to make your own peri ice packs (it’s easy and takes less than 2 minutes, I promise you!)
  • Gifts from Think Cosmetics to pamper the new mother
  • Delicious, healthy snacks
  • Access to my Life After Childbirth: What to Expect During Recovery & the Secrets NOBODY Tells You About MP3 with specific information on recovery and what to expect postpartum
  • A Guide to Postpartum Care
  • My 10 Top Tips on how to ease into motherhood, make it less stressful and more fun!
  • A recipe guide with simple drinks to make during labor to keep your energy up (these recipes are also perfect for after your baby is born!)
  • And more!

All in a stylish, reusable bag.

The Ultimate Recovery Bag makes the perfect baby shower gift and is great if you’re a new mom who wants to be completely prepared for when your baby comes home.

If you’re in the Danbury, CT area and would like to arrange to pick up your Ultimate Recovery Bag at Destination Maternity, choose the first option and we will schedule a pick up time. For everyone else, please click on the “Ship To” option to have your Ultimate Recovery Bag shipped out to you.

If you would like to do your good deed for the day and make the life of a new mom much easier, choose the “Donate a bag” option and a bag will be given to an underserved new mom at Danbury Hospital with a special note letting them know that the bag is a gift from you. If you would like an additional note to be added, please write it in the “Add special instructions to merchant” section before your order has been completed or send an email to I will email you once the bag has been delivered.

***Currently out of stock – expected date of relaunch is Summer 2011***

***One Ultimate Recovery Bag will be donated to Danbury Hospital’s program for underserved moms with every 30 bags sold. Help out another new mom by purchasing your bag today!

I love to hear your feedback! Please contact me and leave a message at (512) 827-0505 ext 4327. If you have questions about the Ultimate Recovery Bag, you can reach me at


Bun in the Oven Teleclass: Feel Amazing, Love Your Body & Thrive Throughout Pregnancy

Many women read a ton of books about pregnancy and ask their doctors how to prepare for labor, yet are still confused about what to eat, how to keep up their strength & energy during labor, which essential items they need in their birth bag and more.

During this 30 minute downloadable teleclass (with helpful handouts) you will find out:

  • What to eat to increase your energy and make sure your baby’s getting the essential nutrients he/she needs
  • Common pregnancy symptoms and several tips on how to cope
  • How to get your body in tip-top shape for labor & delivery
  • What to eat to make labor easier
  • A few essential items you need to pack before leaving for the hospital/birth center
  • How to prepare NOW so you can quickly bounce back to your pre-baby weight

Your investment: $17


Life After Childbirth: What to Expect During Recovery & Secrets NOBODY Tells You About 

Have you done everything under the sun to prepare for childbirth, but have no idea what to expect after your baby’s born?

I did just that and thought that I’d get up, start walking and be completely fine after my son was born. Uh….no. I was shocked at what my body went through during the first 2 weeks post partum and was even more shocked at how difficult being a mother really was.

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me what *really* happens after childbirth??
It’s my mission to expose the reality of motherhood and in this 30 minute downloadable teleclass (with helpful handouts) I will:
  • Unmask the secrets that all mothers know, but don’t let you in on
  • Tell you exactly what to expect after the birth of your child (the not so pretty part of childbirth that most women have absolutely no clue about)
  • Give you one piece of information that most women are shocked to hear (I was when I heard it myself!)
  • Explain my top 10 tips to make the transition into motherhood much smoother

Your investment: $17

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